Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Essa Abusubaih
February 5, 2017
Same Name, Different culture
            My name is Essa. I had named after Prophet Essa who is the same as Jesus. My name does not have a special meaning. Most of the Arab names have meanings, but mine does not have a meaning because it’s not Arabic.
Most Muslims love prophet Essa “Jesus”, and my father was interested in Jesus’ story, so he named me after him. I am proud of my name, especially when I found out that I had named after this great man.   
When I came to the U.S most of the people I met did not know what is the meaning of my name, and I was confused. I was saying that my name should be known in the U.S because it’s the name of God, and people will be happy when they hear my name. However, I found out that Essa means Jesus, so people were happy when I told them that my name means Jesus.

Some people don’t like their names, but I think everyone should be love their name because this name will be their name in all the time. The people whom don’t like their names from another angle like to see what is the meaning of their name, or after who they had named, so these steps might help these people to love their names.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

    audiopal  Kaipeng

Audiopal is a audio software, it can help make a audiopal on easy ways


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Movie Quest “Relationship”

Huiyin, Anglelina, Niu, Kevin

The title:
American Graffiti (Kevin)
Important actors:
Steve (Ronny Howard) Curt(Richard) John (Panel Le Mat) Laurie (Cindy Williams)
They are finish high school. Steve give his car to Toad and tell toad use the car until Christmas, Toad drive the car want to find someone racing with him. Also, Steve want go to other city to take college, but his girlfriend Laurie doesn’t want leave Steve and the city. So, they had an unhappy night. At last Bob pick up Laurie and find John make a racing. However, when they start the racing one minuet, Bob’s car is not working. Bob ‘s car make a roll. And Laurie and bob is very luck, they are not die then Steve worry Laurie, fast run to Laurie and hug and kiss her. Steve give Laurie an answer then Steve don’t live the city and Laurie.      

I choose the movie, because it is a home work. But now, I like the movie, because the movie has a lot of fun and the movie talk about young person have a dream, when they finish high school will go to a college. And talk about the young person’s love. I am very enjoying the movie.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally


Most Important Actors
Harry Burns and Sally Albright

Movie characteristics
The main actors were very good acting in this movie. They seem to be natural and relaxed in every scene.

What is this movie about?
It’s about two friends who have different opinions about men and women being just friends. Sally always get mad when Harry tell her she is attractive. To the end they have become a couple.

Why I chose this movie

I chose this movie because it seems to be a funny and romantic movie. It is also a very easy movie to watch and understand. The movie also has nice sceneries in and around New York city. I also like comedy movies.

( Huiyin, Angelina, Niu, Kevin )

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Janice)
  • Directed By: Blake Edwards
  • Release in:   October 5, 1961
  • Starring: Audrey Hepburn (Holly)
                         George Peppard  (Paul)

   This movie is the United States Romantic comedy film. The story is about Holly she is the New York society social girl. She always pursuit money and materially. In her eyes, there is another important goal, that means to marry with the wealthy man. Later, she met Paul and fall in love with him, after a period of time, Paul asked her to marry him. however, Holly seems to be not willing to. Cause in her mind, if to marry with Paul, that means give up her previous efforts. Therefore, Holly in looking for happiness, stumbled on the road, until one day suddenly she knew the meaning of happiness.

Image result

Singin’ in the Rain(Weiming)

Directed by: Gene Kelly Stanley Donen
Release time: 3/27/1952
Starring: Gene Kelly
 Donald O'Connor
 Debbie Reynolds
 Jean Hagen
 Millard Mitchell
 Cyd Charisse

This story is happens in Hollywood with the three stars in the late 1920s. It talks about  Don are a film star. Kathy and Don fall in love at the end of the movie. I choice this movie because I like to listen music and never seen the movie released before 20th century. Also, it has the happy ending and a lot of famous song sung in this movie.

Singing in the rain poster.jpg

Yutong Zheng, Sohpia Qin, Weiming Wu, Janice Zhao

Working girl(yutong)

  • Directed by Mike Nichols.
  • Release in December  21,1988
  • Starring: Harrison Ford(Jack Trainer)
      Sigourney Weaver(Katharine Parker)
                  Melanie Griffith(Tess McGill)
This movie is about a girl who working. She is a secretary, her name is Tessy  and she refused to provide sexual services. As the result, she being reassigned. And her new boss is Katharine. She stole Tess's idea about a plan. And Tessy decided to impersonate the manager-get back stolen plan by her boss.


Norma Rae(Sophia)

Year: 3/2/1979….....(New York City, New York)
Sally Field …......Norma  Rae
Beau Bridges…..….Sonny
Ron Leibman…..….Reuben
Pat Hingle……...Vernon
Barbara   Baxley……….Leona

       That Movie is Union and jobs. Norma Rae is a Textile worker. She set up a trade union to help the rid underlying workers get rid of by capitalists squeeze. I choose it because I want to learn what is the union and jobs. The movies shows that Union is a kind of worker to protection association. They can help worker to maintain their own rights and interests.


Yutong Zheng, Sohpia Qin, Weiming Wu, Janice Zhao