Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Essa Abusubaih
February 5, 2017
Same Name, Different culture
            My name is Essa. I had named after Prophet Essa who is the same as Jesus. My name does not have a special meaning. Most of the Arab names have meanings, but mine does not have a meaning because it’s not Arabic.
Most Muslims love prophet Essa “Jesus”, and my father was interested in Jesus’ story, so he named me after him. I am proud of my name, especially when I found out that I had named after this great man.   
When I came to the U.S most of the people I met did not know what is the meaning of my name, and I was confused. I was saying that my name should be known in the U.S because it’s the name of God, and people will be happy when they hear my name. However, I found out that Essa means Jesus, so people were happy when I told them that my name means Jesus.

Some people don’t like their names, but I think everyone should be love their name because this name will be their name in all the time. The people whom don’t like their names from another angle like to see what is the meaning of their name, or after who they had named, so these steps might help these people to love their names.