Thursday, September 29, 2016

A simple image from the land of Saudi Arabia that describes some traditions and culture. the people of Saudi Arabia characterized by their generosity and hospitality. in the poster some pictures of the favorite Saudis dishes, kabsa and mantoo.. a traditional dance and a special place in the prince palace to host guests from everywhere.

Culture Identity

     The article "Do I Look Like Public Enemy Number One?" has made me realize that we should respect all people by not just on their look/appearance. However, I can still see many people today are still prejudiced against people of their race. We should try to know the person first before you immediately make a decision about that person.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The poster have two different cultures, and they is all pop culture. I learn a lot of things inside. I know much pop culture while I didn’t know before. The poster opens a window for me, because I saw the mahjong, Chinese chess and calligraphy. I think the mahjong is a game, I never think it is a pop culture. Now I improved the definition of pop culture in my mind. Also I will keep learn the pop culture   

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cultural Identity Wrap-up

This poster was including two different cultures.Each flag has their cultural history.I learned deeply about two different culture from this poster.It has Chinese food and American food. Also, it has two different festival custom.In addition, this poster has landmarks that help me figure out the evolution of history and the progress of culture.

Cultural Identity Wrap-Up

After I learned this unit, I know American is a cultural diversity country. People from different counties, they accept the American culture and enter the mainstream of culture, but they still keep their own culture. Sometime, foreign culture can not be accepted by some Americans. However, we are all the same in the world, we should have racism. Even if  few people do somethings bad, that does not mean the whole of this group are enemies. We should treat everyone equally, can’t be biased.

                                                                   Culture warm up
In this unit, I learned two new words, they are salad bowl and melting pot. The  salad bowl is everything mix together, but they still independent. That is simile to culture, it is mean many culture they are mix together, but they still have their own ideas, so they are independent. However, the melting pot is everything mix together and they are not independent. This is also simile to culture, it is mean many culture they are mix together. Also people accept them and they become a big culture, but everyone is not independent.

Culture Identify warp up

I learn a lot of things about culture from different country, and I learn many new things about my home country from, it makes me to re-know my country's culture. Also I learn many things about American culture. It is so important to know about culture of this country when you living here.
American culture are so complex, It is not easy to know everything about it, but it is interesting  too.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Culture Identity

I learned Salad bowl in this unit. Salad bowl is many different things or culture mix together, and become a larger thing. However, it still have the own space and their own culture, they will not lose it. People can learn different culture from other people who have different culture. I think that United States is a Salad bowl, it has many culture in it. I can know more culture from other people.

Culture Identity Warp-up


     Through the study of this period of time, I come into contact with a lot of knowledge about popular culture. The most interesting things I learned in this unit that was every country has their own culture and belief. Especially by the poster projectI understand more than before about the definition of culture. Popular culture is not easy to define. Because Popular culture is culture, leisure, fashion, fashionable, consumption culture, luxury culture, popular lifestyle, popular taste. Every country has a special culture, whether we agree or disagree, we should respect. Just like China, is a country with an extensive and profound cultural background, from before to now is always very famous in the world. However, the United States, there are many different ethnic groups live in the country, in this country to lives we can contact a lot of interesting culture and people and we can learn various culture. In fact, we can learn more about the culture of the country that oneself like, to feel a lot of fun from it.

Culture warp up

This is a funny class. I learn different culture with different life. In my view, culture is not easy to understand. Also, it is a challenge for me. Before I took this class, I thought it was easy to learn and easy to understand, but now, I think I am wrong. It should spent a lot of time to learn. There are many different culture in the world, and the culture influence people's life. So I think that's why are people so different. Finally, I think American culture is fashionable, and Chinese culture is ancient. However, I like the both of culture. I wish I will learn more about new culture in the future.

Cultural Identity Wrap-up


Since the beginning of the class till today, I learned a lot of new things in this unit on Cultural Identity. The most important thing that I learned is understanding cultural differences. By classmate's posters, I learned and understood a lot of different country culture. The way of their lifestyle, beliefs, values and so on. Also, this poster assignment let me more in-depth understanding of my own culture. Let me know that understanding your own culture first, and the Importance of Cultural Identity.

Culture Wrap-up

  In this chapter, the essay "they've got to be carefully taught"lefts me a deep impression. This essay is not only let know me how to teach children to identify their own cultures but also let me know who am I. I have been stayed in Chicago about two year. At the beginning, I was totally worship my own culture and less than to accept others. After one year living in Chicago, the American culture began to seep into my own culture and made my confuse my identify. When I thought the question what the children learn form their classroom activities, I discovered that I also have the same situation. Moreover, the poster helps me to realized my culture which is between the American and Chinese.
Image result for dim sum

Cultural Identity
I learned in this unit about food is a connection to every country and every place has different cultures. In all cultural traditions, food is necessary things in our daily lives. Also, food is a source of pleasure, and religious significance.
   The Chinese food includes styles from the diverse regions of China.The most popular eats in the Chinese culture is Dim sum, which means, “little snacks.”The Dim Sum is linked to the Chinese tradition of "yum cha" or drinking tea, and dim sum is usually eaten as breakfast.
Image result for hamburger Also,Hamburger  is one of a popular food culture in America. It has effected American food culture in many ways  and a style of cuisine, namely fast food.The hamburger has become a popular food icon in the United States.
  However,these two kinds of food is very popular in the world. The food also is a kind of important in my life.