Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cultural identity Wrap-up

      I learned from this semester a lot of things. I learned a lot of cultures from different countries. That was very useful to me. For example, I learned Chinese culture. Moreover, Chinese food, Chinese dance and customs and traditions of China. I did not have any idea about that before. Also, I learned more about Jordan culture. I have some of ideas about Jordan culture but I have no idea about some of things. For example, Jordan food culture. Mansaaf is very famous food. It is a dish essential. I really want to try it because I heard about a lot. In addition, I learned more a bout their customs and traditions. I really like this class because I got a lot of informations from different countries. In addition, I learned from the " They've Got to Be Carefully Taught. For example, Lorrain Ali's, the first name of her name was American name and the last name of her name was Arabic name. So that was a very strong to be American. I really learned more about this story. It was a very useful for everyone to know like that because it is a very important to learn about different countries culture.

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