Thursday, November 10, 2016

Movie Quest “Relationship”

Huiyin, Anglelina, Niu, Kevin

The title:
American Graffiti (Kevin)
Important actors:
Steve (Ronny Howard) Curt(Richard) John (Panel Le Mat) Laurie (Cindy Williams)
They are finish high school. Steve give his car to Toad and tell toad use the car until Christmas, Toad drive the car want to find someone racing with him. Also, Steve want go to other city to take college, but his girlfriend Laurie doesn’t want leave Steve and the city. So, they had an unhappy night. At last Bob pick up Laurie and find John make a racing. However, when they start the racing one minuet, Bob’s car is not working. Bob ‘s car make a roll. And Laurie and bob is very luck, they are not die then Steve worry Laurie, fast run to Laurie and hug and kiss her. Steve give Laurie an answer then Steve don’t live the city and Laurie.      

I choose the movie, because it is a home work. But now, I like the movie, because the movie has a lot of fun and the movie talk about young person have a dream, when they finish high school will go to a college. And talk about the young person’s love. I am very enjoying the movie.


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