Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Working girl(yutong)

  • Directed by Mike Nichols.
  • Release in December  21,1988
  • Starring: Harrison Ford(Jack Trainer)
      Sigourney Weaver(Katharine Parker)
                  Melanie Griffith(Tess McGill)
This movie is about a girl who working. She is a secretary, her name is Tessy  and she refused to provide sexual services. As the result, she being reassigned. And her new boss is Katharine. She stole Tess's idea about a plan. And Tessy decided to impersonate the manager-get back stolen plan by her boss.


Norma Rae(Sophia)

Year: 3/2/1979….....(New York City, New York)
Sally Field …......Norma  Rae
Beau Bridges…..….Sonny
Ron Leibman…..….Reuben
Pat Hingle……...Vernon
Barbara   Baxley……….Leona

       That Movie is Union and jobs. Norma Rae is a Textile worker. She set up a trade union to help the rid underlying workers get rid of by capitalists squeeze. I choose it because I want to learn what is the union and jobs. The movies shows that Union is a kind of worker to protection association. They can help worker to maintain their own rights and interests.


Yutong Zheng, Sohpia Qin, Weiming Wu, Janice Zhao

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