Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vietnam and War
Eassa     Phoebe    Haijian    Rachel
Born on the 4th of July

  • This movie is published in 1989
  • Tom cruise, and kyra sedgwick
  • This movie is about the war that was between U.S and Vietnam. It shows how the war was and how it end.
  • I chose this movie because I want to learn more about the Vietnam war . In the U.s. I heard a lot about the Vietnam war, but I did not know anything about it

Saving private Ryan

year : 1998

Most important actor: Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper

Summary: during world war II, A mother have four sons. But three of them were dead in a same day, and the rest one was gone during the operation. The mother was so sad,  when general knew this news, he took a order, he order a team of Rangers to look for the only son and bring him to home.

Reason:This movie was the best picture of 71st Academy Award,  the movie show how a parent sad when they knew their sons dead, and how the rangers save their only son.


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