Monday, September 19, 2016

saudi arabia

Saudi Arabian Culture

Saudi Arabia is the fifth largest state in Asia, and living in Saudi Arabia is good, but at the same time is hard.  In this poster I listed some important cultural pictures, such as, dress, food, dance, and our Saudi logo.
When I chose those images, I immediately think about home. That’s mean a lot for me. For example, when I put the picture of the food it’s really remind me of home and how I used to eat this everyday not only that, but also coffee and dates, I drink and eat those almost everyday and I love it. However, the ‘’abaya’’ is a traditional dress that I really hate to wear, but I get used to it day by day.  Its black and back home its really hot. The last picture is our Saudi logo and the dance.
The Saudi logo means ‘’ the palm tree represents the Kingdom's assets which are defined as its peopleheritagehistory, and resources natural and non-natural. Thus, the palm is shown to be guarded by the two swords, which represent the force to be used in defense of the nation.’’  Moreover, the dance is called ardha and it’s a very traditional dance men’s dance ardha in weddings and some special events. Finally, I chose an object, which is a Chicago best attractive place. Because I really love Chicago I chose this pictures.



  1. 😂 I liked when you said " I really hate to wear Abaya" I want to see me either 😂 but this is Saudi's law

  2. Someday, when you visit Saudi Arabia or come back to, you must wear Abaya so enjoy all your moments in US

  3. What is your religion? Women should wear Abaya, what kind of traditional costumes for man?

    1. i'm muslim. the traditional costume for men is thoub

  4. As what I know the Abaya is not same as what you shows