Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Differences between Chinese and American Culture

  My poster is talk about the differences between Chinese and American culture.Chose these images because I want to know that the two countries culture of different styles.Chinese New Year is an traditional festival once a year,the Lion dance and Dragon dance is from the traditional dance in Chinese culture.The red envelop will bring the lucky for the child in Chinese New Year.In China have many delicious foods,the Chinese Street Food and Dim Sum is that the famous traditional food of China.In China has ten kinds of the classical Musical Instrument,and the Erhu is one of the most popular instrument in my country.

  However,I have been living Chicago for six years,and I knew about some culture of the America.The taste of Chicago is an activities of food festival,it is similar with the Chinese snack stand. Also,the pizza and hamburger are the famous foods in the United States.The Hip-Hop is a kind of popular culture in America,and the street dance is derived from the American.In the past two years,I have traveled to three cities of NY,LA and SFO in the United States.These journey let me knew about the culture of some famous scenic spot.


  1. Is every part of your country has a different dialect or accent??

  2. Do you like the street dance? Have ever learn?

  3. You know what, I have had friends who are teaching street dance. If you like street dance, I can introduce you to know each other.