Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Huiyin Liang
September 20, 2016

   My poster can separate two parts. One is my background. I came from south of China which is famous for its eating culture and building.In my countryside, people were focus on their eating, so they always created many delicious foods which were famous around the world. In addition, Diaolou was the very famous building in my countryside. It was created by the overseas Chinese which was use to prevent the robbers in the Qing dynasty. Now, it became the symbol building in my hometown.
   Without the part of my culture, my embrace culture in the United States is the another part in my poster. First, Navy Pier is one of my favor place in Chicago. I was enchanted in its beautiful environment. Otherwise, America is a big immigration country, I can find many friends who comes from different countries in the world. Freedom is my most embrace thing in the United States.In there, people would respect each other's right to voice their opinions, so I can expose many different views without punishment.It is one of the important thing that I like to living in the United States.