Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chinese & American Culture

China has a magnificent culture with a long history. I grew up in China, I love China and Chinese culture. The ink wash painting and calligraphy are two representive parts of Chinese transitional culture. It is both use the ink to draw or write. The Chinese chess is a strategy board game for two players. And the most popular chess class game in China is called Mahjong, a lots of people play Mahjong to spend their leisure time. China has a lots of beautiful scenery place to visit. Such as, heaven lake and Tibet.

American culture is more modernize. What impressed me most is the high technology, it is impact to every aspect of our social life, make our life more convenient and technicalization. American movie is also the world-class level, especially science fiction movie, I love it. America is a superpower, like a salad bowl, lots of culture mixed together. Because of this culture background make us feel more freedom living in America.


  1. I have a question about the the wedding dress in your country, is there a special color or style?

  2. How do you think people play Mahjong so much?