Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Culture Poster

Chinese Culture and American Culture
My poster has two different kind of culture. Let's talk about the Chinese culture first, the first picture at the upper left corner that is the dinner dishes on the day before Chinese New Year. At that day, all family member should be stay together and having dinner or watching TV. The second picture is the lion dance. I remember when I was little, my mom always took me to watch the lion dance, and i very love to watch it. The third picture is the dumplings. In my family, we need to eat dumplings on the Chinese New Year. I very very love dumplings, even not in New year I still ask my grandma to make me a lot of dumplings. The forth picture is at the bottom left. There is my hometown. That is the place where I was born. It is GuangZhou. The fifth picture is next to my hometown. That is my middle school in China, as same as before. They are doing the exercise that every students need to do after second period. That was very interesting. Now, let's talk about American culture. The first one is pizza. I ate pizza in China before, but the American pizza is very different with Chinese. The middle picture is Christmas. When I came to America, I started know more about Christmas. The most important thing I love Christmas that is no school in Christmas day. The Black Friday is a day that I do not know when I was in China. Now, I know that we need go take all the things back home on Black Friday. The third picture is the stop sigh. In China, we do not have stop sigh. Now, if I drive in China, I will drive very carefully sometimes. The forth picture is gym room. In China, there is not many people go to gym. In America, people go to work out is very normal thing. When I came to America, I started to work out three times a week. The fifth picture is at bottom right. That is the American class room, and how are Americans in class. In American high school, students always discuss, study, or work together. They always have a group. In China, we always study by individual. As a result, I tried both culture,and I also love both culture. There are both have many things that I very love.


  1. Very specific!Do you like Chinese educational method?

  2. That so cool, why you come to American?

  3. you are so good, i like your poster, good job men. 666666666