Monday, September 26, 2016

Culture Identity Warp-up


     Through the study of this period of time, I come into contact with a lot of knowledge about popular culture. The most interesting things I learned in this unit that was every country has their own culture and belief. Especially by the poster projectI understand more than before about the definition of culture. Popular culture is not easy to define. Because Popular culture is culture, leisure, fashion, fashionable, consumption culture, luxury culture, popular lifestyle, popular taste. Every country has a special culture, whether we agree or disagree, we should respect. Just like China, is a country with an extensive and profound cultural background, from before to now is always very famous in the world. However, the United States, there are many different ethnic groups live in the country, in this country to lives we can contact a lot of interesting culture and people and we can learn various culture. In fact, we can learn more about the culture of the country that oneself like, to feel a lot of fun from it.

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